Saturday, September 5, 2009

Its been long time!

I noticed my last post was in March!! URG...been so busy chasing these children around that I have not kept up with my blog! update on the children!

Byne: He is in Huntsville! All moved in and really enjoying his new town. He will be playing baseball for University of Alabama Huntsville this Spring. He seems very happy there! I have not been to visit yet :( Lakyn and Dalton have been keeping me super busy here at home! Hope to go visit soon!

Kyle: Still loving Alabama and most excited about Alabama football.

Dalton: Is really enjoying his senior year and is preparing for next year! He has applied to Faulkner State in Bay Minette and is hoping for a tryout for their baseball team! He still loves his job at the YMCA and is looking forward to one day being a teacher! He still wants to be a Kindergarten teacher! That is too funny to me!! I guess teaching runs in our blood!! He gets his Senior pictures made today by our friend Billy! Hope to have those to share soon :)

Lakyn: Loves high school at SEHS! She is cheering and having the time of her life. A little secret...Mom loves it as much as she does :) Check out our slide show!

Mark: Still working as hard as ever...don't think that will ever change!

Me: Loving life and trying to keep up with my family!! I have added some new pictures of mostly Lakyn cheering! That has consumed us lately! School is going great...seems like old hat these days! Everything just runs smoothly and all the teachers are fantastic! Glad to be a part of CES! Baby Emma has arrived and we are having the most fun playing with her...Lakyn adores her!!