Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The MJHS Mustangs beat Prattville!!

Our 8th grade team beat Prattville tonight! Lakyn had a great time at the game and was very excited that Camyrn, Michele and Luke came to watch her cheer. Luke did sleep most of the game though! He is so precious! It was a GREAT night and all the kids were thrilled about beating Prattville! There is hope for the future SEHS :) Go Mustangs!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Baseball, baseball, baseball!

It was a full day of baseball today! Dalton participated in the CACC showcase this morning and Byne had a game today. It was lots of fun watching them play! They both had a great day of baseball. With two of them playing we are super busy, but loving every minute of it. Cayla and I are staying at the lake while we travel back and forth to games. I am having a great time getting to spend time with her.

We found the fountain of youth! :)

Mark and I went to San Destin for a conference with my work this week. We had a fabulous time. It was my first time visiting Baytown Wharf and I was very impressed! We went on a Dinner Cruise on Thursday evening and had a great time with Andre', Monica, Steve, and Lori. We also went to watch an old friend of mine play the guitar at the Funky Blues Shack in Baytown Wharf. It was a great trip. We found the Fountain of Youth at Baytown Wharf - we thought that was funny!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Byne plays!

I had to add the picture of Byne and Lakyn in this blog. Byne came to watch Lakyn cheer last week and she was so excited. She loves that Byne. I thought this was the sweetest picture!:) We went to watch Byne play at CACC today. It was the first home game for the Fall season. He played in the outfield and pitched. It was such a welcomed change to actually see him playing! He did GREAT! We are proud of him and proud for him. He seems to be loving CACC! It does my heart good to see him happy!

Monday, September 1, 2008

I have been tagged.......

Nancy tagged me! :)

Six things about me that you may or may not know ~

1. I am super messy! My car is messy, and my house is messy and it really does not bother me all that much. Luckily, I married someone who it also does not bother. I do have my moments where I insist on scrubbing every square inch of the house, but I live the majority of my life with clothes hanging off the chairs in my bedroom and all in the floor!

2. I just got bumped up in the rankings on my tennis team. I am now ranked a 3.0 ~ and my tennis team is headed to state in Orange Beach Nov. 6-9! I have always loved to watch sports, but have never really liked to play! This love of tennis is new and I am enjoying every minute of it!

3. I HATE public speaking. I shake and break out in hives before I have to speak at PTO or any other school event. Mr. Jackson tells me that you can not tell, that I look cool as a cucumber ~ but I am actually dieing inside when I have to speak.

4. I have a severe addiction to Diet Coke. My family expresses concern about how many I drink a day. I am embarrassed to admit, but I have one in my hand from sunup to sundown. Although I love diet coke, I do not believe in dieting. I eat what I want when I want. I have NEVER been on a diet ~ when I want to lose weight I just eat less and exercise more.

5. I would rather have a few close friends than to have a whole bunch of friends.

6. My back porch is my most favorite place in the world! My dream is to one day have a porch on the beach :)!

I tag:
Suzanne R.

I love football season!

I have never been a huge football fan, always a baseball kinda girl....but I do love football season. Lakyn has so much fun cheering for her school, that her enthusiasm is contagious! There is something about the air (less humidity- maybe?) during the Fall that makes it more enjoyable to be outside watching a game. Lakyn's first game was last week- they went into 6 overtimes. It was a really exciting game. She has another this Tuesday in Alex City, so her big brother Byne will get to come watch her. She is pumped about that :) Alabama football proved to be pretty exciting this weekend too. We watched the game at Jan's and had a great time. Byne and Kyle were home from college and were able to watch the game with us. It was a great Labor Day weekend with the family!