Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lakyn's Winter Formal 2008

Looks so grown up
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It is amazing the difference a dress can make. Just this morning when Lakyn and I were laying on the couch together, she had on her toes socks and polka dotted pajamas and she was still my baby. When we finished getting her ready for this dance less than 8 hours later, she looks all grown up! It is such a strange feeling because I enjoy the fact that she is more mature and I love our talks, but I still want her to be my baby. I thank God everyday for blessing me with this amazing "little" girl. She is such a joy and I am learning to not worry about her growing up, but to enjoy her growing up.

Troy Season Opener 2008

Troy's season opener was Friday night. We won our first game 9 to 2 against Rhode Island. We have a double header today and one more game on Sunday. Dalton and his girlfriend, Shelby, went with Mark and I to the game. Kyle was sick and Lakyn thought she might melt in the rain so they stayed home. We are headed back today - Lakyn is going with me today. Byne did not play, but his friend AJ pitched and I have great pictures of him pitching on my flickr site. Check them out! I have the video of them calling out Byne's name for the first time. I am posting it in this blog because I tried to hollar when they called his name and it was very weak. It is too funny - check it out!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kyle Turns 18

Kyle turned 18 today! He has been working with a Kindergarten class from CES and the children absolutely LOVE him! They threw him a surprise party today and they had a great time. When Kyle arrived at my school Mark was there to greet him. He brought all three of us lunch to celebrate the big day. He seemed to really enjoy his special day!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Eclipse 2.20.08

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A week of Love!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day. The day at school was lots of fun. Parties went on throughout the afternoon and I received bags full of sweet valentines and cookies, candy, chocolate (the children are always so sweet)! That evening I went to the movies with the kids. We saw "Definitley, maybe"! It is an excellent movie! Mark and I celebrated last weekend because of his work schedule.

We went to Troy again this weekend to watch Byne play baseball. Mark had to work midnight shift, so Emilie went with me. We met Cayla and her friend Emily from Auburn in Montgomery so we could all ride together. We had the best time with the girls. They are so much fun! We stopped by Sikes and Kohns for some shoe shopping and on to 5 hours of baseball! They played 12 innings. Byne had a great day! I bought a candy neckalace at the gas station and they insisted that I wear it for this photo. I laughed and laughed all day long - thank you girls for a fantastic day. After the game we had a great "Valentine's meal" at The Pines Restaraunt in downtown Troy. The food was great! It was a great Valentine's week. Thank you today Cayla and Emilie for all of the fun and laughs. Thank you to my sweet family for making me feel so loved. Happy Valentine's week!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Friends and Family 2007

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Troy 2/03/08

Troy 2/03/08
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We went to Troy on Sunday because the Trojans were playing an Intersquad game. They have redone the entire field and it is looking great. They have added locker rooms and offices above the home dugout. They have added astroturf on the entire field. They also added new covered batting cages and a new outfield wall. Byne says they are adding a jumbotron to the outfield, but that has not been done yet. I added pictures of the upgrades to my flickr site. It already looks great - I can not wait to the see the finished product at the season opener! Byne did great today and we were able to spend some extra time with him after the game. A great baseball day - 70 degrees outside and beautiful.