Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas 2008

I have not blogged in forever! I have been super busy getting ready for Christmas. I have cleaned every square inch of my house - literally with a toothbrush! lol It is nice to have it so clean - lets just hope it stays that way.

We have so much to be excited about!
1. Emilie is having a baby girl! YEAH :) I love babies and am looking forward to being the best Aunt Susanne that our little Emma Catherine could ever hope for. I have big plans to spoil her rotten!
2. Baseball season will start very soon. Dalton's tryouts are January 10th and Byne's season will probably get started at the beginning of Feb. Both of them should get lots of playing time this year - so you know MOMMA will have to try and make EVERY game :) It is hard with them in two different directions, but we will do the best we can.
3. Lakyn is practicing her gymnastics getting ready for Cheerleading tryouts in March. She needs a back handspring and is already making great progress.
4. We are lookng forward to our annual New Years Eve bash - lots of good friends coming over to ring in the New Year.

Christmas was great this year. Isn't it amazing that we spend a month preparing - buying, wrapping and it is all done in about an hour? We had to have our Christmas on Christmas Eve since Mark is on day shift. He has to be at work on Christmas Day at 5:15 AM :( Everybody was a little dissapointed in changing our "normal" traditions, but it is nice that our children will get to spend Christmas morning with their other parent this year. Dalton and Lakyn haven't been with their Dad on Christmas morning in a very long time. I am hoping this year that will be special for them. So......Mark will be at work, all the children will be with their "other" parent. Guess where Susanne will be......snoozing in my bed. I may get up and put my bathrobe on and watch a movie in my quiet house! Jan is making Christmas lunch for her family - so maybe I will stroll over there in my pajamas and have some lunch.:) Mark will get home from work around 2 and the boys will get home around then, so we will take Byne and Kyle to a movie Christmas afternoon. We always go on Christmas day and take turns picking the movie. Bad news....this year it is Mark's turn. That usually means a war movie! :( All in all it was a special Christmas spending time with family and friends. I hope you all are having a very Merry Christmas!